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Information on FINAS

FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service offers accreditation service in Finland and operates as a unit within the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, Tukes. In accordance with European legislation, FINAS has been named the national accreditation body in Finland and its operations are regulated under law (920/2005). Similar to other EU countries, Finland has only one accreditation body. According to the European accreditation system, accreditation must be a non-profit service arranged by the member-state government and is not subject to competition in the market.

Operations are maintained and developed in accordance with international agreements using budget funding. Clients are charged the costs of the operations for the accreditation service they have used.

Accreditation enables the impartial and independent recognition  of competence according to international standards. Accreditation is applied for from FINAS, which makes the accreditation decision based on an assessment. Over 200 laboratories from various industries, inspection bodies, certification bodies and other conformity assessment bodies have been accredited in Finland. Accredited operations ​are described in detail on our website. 




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