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Withdrawal of accreditation

A client may give up accreditation by notifying FINAS thereof in writing.

If periodic assessment reveals that the accreditation requirements are not met, FINAS informs the client in writing that the process of withdrawing the accreditation will be initiated. The client is requested to present corrective actions by a certain deadline. If the corrections are not made within the time specified, or the corrective actions are insufficient, the scope of accreditation is reduced or the accreditation is suspended. The client is not allowed to issue certificates and reports as an accredited body during the suspension or within the scope of accreditation that has been cancelled. Accreditation is withdrawn if it is deemed after the suspension that the accreditation requirements are still not met.

Accreditation can be withdrawn if the accreditation requirements or the terms of accreditation presented in the accreditation decision are neglected or if corrections are not made despite a request.



decision; accreditation; scope; withdrawal; assessment