​FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service is the Finnish national accreditation body responsible for organising accreditation services according to international criteria. With the help of accreditation, an operator can prove its competence within the assessed scope of accreditation.

Accreditation is preceded by an assessment performed by FINAS allocated at both the operator's management system and technical activities. The assessment demonstrates that the operator fulfils the requirements described in the accreditation requirements. Accreditation is granted for a fixed period of four years during which time FINAS follows that the accreditation requirements are met by making regular assessments.

Accreditation process phases have been described in more detail under the section Information on accreditation, Accreditation process.

Applying for accreditation is voluntary and the operator can select the scope for which it applies accreditation. Accreditation requirements are based on the international ISO 17000 and ISO 15000 series standards and the corresponding guidelines. See more Requirements applied to the accreditation activities, Decision FINAS P1.

Services offered by FINAS are equally available to all applicants who need them. Pricing of FINAS' services abide by the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State. Operations do not aim for financial profit and the pricing is aimed to cover the costs.



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