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Other assessment services

Accreditation is the primary method of proving the competence of an operator. In addition to accreditation, FINAS can perform other assessment of competence.  In the case of other assessments, the competence requirements are usually defined by an authority whose approval or corresponding is sought with the assessment. In such a case, the requirements may be the same as in accreditation, they may be partially applied, or may be based on national legislation. FINAS performs the assessment according to the defined criteria and provides a statement of competence that the authority utilises to decide on granting the approval. Otherwise the assessment abides by the same principles as in the accreditation procedure.

Examples of other assessments include the assessment of testing laboratories for the approval of the National Food Authority, Ruokavirasto, and assessment of approved experts (Finnish Transport and communication Agency, Traficom).



service; competence; assessment