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Terms of an accreditation decision

In accredited operations, the client agrees to comply with the competence requirements confirmed by FINAS. Information on the existing accreditation requirements is available on the FINAS website and in the document FINAS P1 (pdf). FINAS informs accredited clients of any revisions made to accreditation requirements and of transition periods applied to assessment. If the accreditation requirements are revised, clients must show that they meet the revised requirements within a certain transition period. Otherwise the validity of the accreditation will expire after the transition period.

Accreditation requires that the client constantly meets the valid accreditation requirements and other conditions for accreditation. FINAS must always be able to ensure the fulfilment of the requirements and conditions.

The accredited client agrees to notify FINAS promptly of all changes that take place in the client’s legal, commercial or organisational status and in the management of its organisation. Information shall also be given of all changes that are important in view of accreditation, especially as concerns the personnel, equipment, premises, the scope of accreditation, or procedures.

The accredited client agrees to comply with the conditions of the accreditation decision (pdf). For AQAP certification also special terms for accreditation (pdf)​ must be complied.

FINAS’ clients cannot offer the same assessment service as the accreditation body, i.e. FINAS. In other words, accredited clients cannot offer assessment  service on the basis of standards that are used as accreditation criteria. If an accredited client assesses its subcontractors according to standards that are used as accreditation requirements, the results of the assessment must show clearly that the assessment was conducted for the purpose of subcontracting. The process of withdrawing accreditation is initiated if accreditation standards are misused.



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