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Applying for an extension to the scope of accreditation

​The client may propose changes to its valid scope of accreditation. These changes are assessed on the basis of the application. If the application pertains to extending the scope of accreditation, the grounds for competence must be presented in the application material.

Having received sufficient material, FINAS decides whether it performs an assessment visit or makes the assessment based on documents. A minor extension to the scope of accreditation can be assessed during periodic surveillance if the application for extension and the related material have been submitted to FINAS in good time before the date of surveillance. Applications for major extensions to the scope of accreditation, such as new subfields and new techniques, require a review by FINAS. Once the review has been completed, the assessment date is set and the composition of the assessment team is decided. The client is informed of the measures required by the application for extension.

Extensions and amendments to the scope of accreditation are confirmed by issuing an amendment to the accreditation decision.



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