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Applying for accreditation


The accreditation or assessment process is initiated by submitting a written application to FINAS. The application presents data on the applicant and a description of the operations to be assessed, i.e. the scope of accreditation.

Application forms and information on the appendices needed for the application are available on the Forms and applications webpage.

By submitting the application, the applicant undertakes to provide FINAS with the information requested for assessing competence and approves the assessment procedures defined by FINAS.

FINAS reviews the applications and establishes the applicant’s needs. Together with the applicant, FINAS determines any statutory and other requirements that may pertain to the application and that must be taken into account when processing the application. FINAS contacts the client when the application arrives and as its handling proceeds.

Requirements for accreditation applied to different client groups have been described in decision FINAS P1 (pdf)​​​ and they are complemented by guidelines listed on the pages for the fields of accreditation.

The accreditation process and the target processing time are described on the Accreditation process webpage​.​

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