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Reference to accreditation

When granted accreditation, the client receives an accreditation symbol. The use of the symbol in reports and certificates issued as a result of accredited operations indicates the validity of the results. The use of the symbol is voluntary, but if there is no accreditation symbol or any other explicit reference to accreditation in connection with the results, the client may not refer to competence shown by means of accreditation. Clients may also utilise accreditation in other communications. The rules for reference to accreditation have been published in Requirement Do​​cument FINAS V1 (pdf).

By using the international accreditation symbols related to the IAF MLA and IAF MRA agreements, clients accredited by FINAS can communicate that their operations are covered by these international agreements. Instructions concerning the use of the international accreditation symbols have been published in the Requirement Document FINAS V1.


accreditation; reference; validity; symbol