Utilisation of accredited services in different countries

Recognition of results
By utilising international agreements, a company or authority operating in another country can confirm the recognition of FINAS's accreditation in their own country. Correspondingly, Finnish companies or authorities can confirm the recognition of an accreditation granted in another country . Valid international agreements can be checked by contacting the accreditation organisation in the country, which in Finland is FINAS. Information is also available on the websites of the international accreditation organisations (EA, ILAC, IAF), where the signatories  of the international MLA/MRA agreements have been published. Recognition based on international agreements requires that the accredited operator refers in its results to the accreditation granted by an accreditation body that is  a signatory of the agreements.

International accreditation symbols
Since 2014, FINAS has added the information  on EA MLA agreement   to all  scopes of accreditation that the agreement concerns. These scopes of accreditation include the text: FINAS is a part of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) multilateral agreement (EA MLA). Accredited operators can attach a corresponding text to their results. By using the international accreditation symbols (ILAC MRA and IAF MLA symbols) related to the IAF MLA and ILAC MRA agreements, operators accredited by FINAS can communicate that their operations are covered by these international agreements. Implementation of the symbols is described in document V1 and further information is available from FINAS.

​ILAC MRA  accreditation symbol
​ ​
IAF MLA accreditation symbol


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