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FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service organizes courses to experts that are interested in working as technical assessors for FINAS. Supplementary training is organized to persons already working as technical assessors. In addition, other courses intended to FINAS’s clients and other cooperation partners are organized. The topics of these courses are for example the contents of the assessment standards as well as other topical issues.

The courses are held in​​ Finn​ish. Most of them are subject to a fee.

FINAS carries out the training taking into account FINAS's independent status. FINAS may not provide targeted training to companies or organizations related to the development of management systems, method instructions or competence or the implementation of these procedures. The training focuses on the general principles of accreditation and the training reviews the requirements of the requirements standards. The general guidelines and guides of the co-operation organizations of the international accreditation organizations (EA, ILAC and IAF) are used when planning the courses. The trainings are open to everyone and do not provide detailed instructions or advice on how to implement the requirements. FINAS staff can participate as trainers in events organized by different organizations. However, these events must be open and their activities transparent. By participating in various training events FINAS fulfills its obligation to inform about accreditation. FINAS will participate in the events as resources allow.​



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