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Interest group co-operation

FINAS co-operates actively with national authorities. The goal is to develop accreditation in co-operation with interest groups so that the accreditation service is  suitable for the needs of different sectors.

Development of the operations abides by the requirements and principles set forth by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). The goal of European co-operation is to support EA and its member accreditation bodies  in maintaining, developing and strengthening co-operation with national and EU level legislators.

In compliance with the regulation (EC) ​No 765/2008 (pdf), all national accreditation systems in the EU operate under the same principles. Strengthening the status of accreditation as a means to demonstrate  competence is a basis for the regulation. The regulation has been applied since 1 January 2010. It includes provisions on accreditation, market surveillance, EU external border control (products belonging under the scope of the EC legislation) and the CE mark.