Use of foreign assessors

FINAS' assessment team can also include foreign assessors. In general, the foreign assessor used have been qualified as technical assessor in their own country where they have experience in accreditation assessments. Typically foreign assessors are used when Finnish technical assessors with proper technical knowledge are either not available or impartial.

The use of a foreign assessor is always agreed with the client. When using a foreign assessor FINAS shall make sure that the assessor has sufficient information about FINAS procedures. If needed, either FINAS' lead assessor or other FINAS support person supports the foreign assessor during the assessment visit. Typically this mean that the support person guarantee that the foreign assessor knows the assessment principles of FINAS. There will be no costs for the client from the presence of a support person. 

The foreign assessor must have advance material available to be able to familiarize him- or herself with the activities to be assessed. Predominantly, it is FINAS' client's task to supply adequate material in a foreign language. FINAS can also handle the translation of the material, in which case the costs of the translation are invoiced from the client.

Description of the organisation (responsible persons), information on methods and equipment used, key figures (volume of operations, clients) and a summary of quality control methods (mainly results) are examples of essential material for the assessment.  In addition, special requests of the foreign assessor must be taken into account.

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