Proficiency test providers

By offering proficiency testing in different laboratory fields, proficiency test providers support laboratory quality assurance.  In proficiency tests samples of known properties are prepared and analysed in participating laboratories. These samples offen resemble rutine samples of the laboratory and therefore gives realistic way of assessing laboratorys performance. Proficiency test providers ensures that samples are stable and homogenious. In addition, statistical methods are used when analyzing the results.

FINAS has two accredited providers of proficiency testing as its clients. They offer their services to both Finnish and foreign laboratories.

The SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 standard is the accreditation requirement for proficiency test providers.

Accredited proficiency test providers use the FINAS accreditation symbol in which the identification number of the accredited body is of the form PTXX.

Further information on the international proficiency test providers is available online at



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