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Multilaterial recognition arrangements

FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service has demonstrated the competence of its operations through international peer evaluation process.  The competence and mutual comparability of accreditation bodies operating in different countries have been demonstrated  in European and global-level multilateral recognition arrangements. These arrangements are based on the ISO/IEC 17011 standard applied  by the accreditation bodies, on international agreed principles and according to EU regulation in Europe. Testing laboratory activities and other accreditation fields such as inspection, certification, verification and proficiency testing providers operations are subjected to separate international agreements.

An accreditation body is expected to demonstrate through peer evaluation process  that it has the prerequisites to act as an independent and impartial body with regard to its organisation. Operations of the management, personnel and processes must fulfil requirements set for competent organisations. An accreditation body must be open and transparent in its operations so that both the accreditation requirements and accreditation results are openly communicated. ​

The EA Multilateral Agreement means that FINAS as a signatory of MLA recognise the equivalence of other signatories accreditation systems.​

accreditation; evaluation; multilaterial; recognition