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FINAS policy document A10/2016 published in English

FINAS policy document ‘Assessment of Multi-Sector and Multi-Site Organisations - Principles Applied by FINAS’ has been published in English.

​Multi-sector organisation refers to an organisation which has accredited activities in a number of sectors.  In this case, the organisation may have more than one accreditation symbol. Multi-site organisation performs accredited activities at a number of different sites. Policy document A10 discusses issues according to which the assessments of multi-sector and multi-site organisations should be targeted and implemented at intervals. Assessments are planned in co-operation with an accredited body.

Policy document deals with risk assessment as part of the planning of assessments, combining of assessments, reporting of assessments, assessment of field operations, sampling and temporary sites as well as the monitoring of individuals´ activities during the assessments.

The policy document for FINAS was drawn up by a working group appointed by the Advisory Committee for Accreditation Matters (VANK-P).

FINAS utilises policies and aspects presented in the policy document in planning and realization of assessments.

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Lead assessor Mika Penttinen, firstname.lastname (a)

A10/2016 Assessment of Multi-Sector and Multi-Site Organisations - Principles Applied By FINAS