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How to refer to accreditation?

Accreditation is an international demonstration of an organisation's competence. The area in which the competence has been assessed is indicated by the scope of accreditation in the accreditation decision.


How to identify accredited operations?
An accredited result can be identified by the use of an accreditation symbol, or a written reference to accreditation.  

A model accreditation symbol for a test laboratory

Why is it worth to refer to accreditation?
FINAS always recommends that organisations refer to the accreditation of a method or result. Reference to accreditation is only mandatory for the certification of systems and persons. In such cases, certificates must always be accredited if the certified area is within the scope of accreditation.

No reference – no accreditation
If a customer needs an accredited service or results, the organisation must refer to the accreditation when reporting the results. It has been decided internationally that, when reporting results, an accredited service provider may demonstrate its competence through accreditation only by reference to accreditation.

How to refer to accreditation?
The rules are clear and are described in the FINAS/V1 Rules for Reference to Accreditation.

Please note!

• FINAS will provide the accredited customer with a customer-specific accreditation symbol
• Clear instructions are given on the colour and shape of the symbol.
• Accreditation can also be refered to in written form.
• Reference to accreditation can only be made with regard to the accredited methods and must not be misleading
• Accreditation may only be refered to while the accreditation decision is valid
• Accredited and non-accredited activities should be distinguished from each other
• Reference to accreditation in communications and marketing material, and the social media, must not be misleading (see FINAS V1 for more detailed instructions)

Details on all operators accredited by FINAS and their scope of accreditation can be found here.


Reference to accreditation