FINAS policy documents A5 and A6 updated, A4 withdrawn


FINAS policy document A5/2016 updated

FINAS policy document 'FINAS policy for sector schemes FINAS A5/2016' has been updated. The new version A5/2016 replaces the previous version A5/2012. Document was updated by FINAS taking into account international guidelines. The EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) has defined general principles for the accreditation of sector schemes: : EA-1/22 A-AB, EA Procedure and Criteria for the Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes by EA Accreditation Body Members.

FINAS will comply with the EA principles when evaluating, upon request by a scheme owner (SO) or an application for accreditation of a new sector scheme.  The criteria is used when evaluating if a given conformity assessment scheme (CAS) is appropriate and acceptable as an EA MLA Level.  Sector schemes are used in certification of products and persons, and also management systems in Finland; examples include the food safety management system (ISO 22000), certification of information security systems (ISO 27001), certification of medical devices (ISO13485), certification of sustainable forest management (PEFC/FFCS). Among the sector schemes of testing laboratories, the laboratories accredited by FINAS use the schemes of the World Antidoping Committee (WADA) and electro technical equipment and component testing (IEC).

FINAS policy document A6/2016 updated

FINAS policy document 'Principles for the cooperation between FINAS and national authorities FINAS A6/2016' has been updated. The new version A6/2016 replaces the previous version A6/2010. Document was updated by FINAS taking into account practices based in to the guide EA-INF/07 "Accreditation Body Communication with National Regulators – Best Practice Guide". The guide is intended to assist the EA and the EA accreditation body members in developing, maintaining and strengthening cooperation with the regulators, at the European and national level.

FINAS policy document A4/2012 withdrawn

FINAS policy document 'Principles of reassessment and surveillance assessment A4/2012 is withdrawn.  The content of the policy document was transferred to the Website.

Principles for assessment

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